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Razorpit Razor Blade Sharpener - a revolution in shaving that will save you money on razor blades and improve your shaving experience. Now available in Canada, the Danish-designed Razorpit uses a friction-based method to remove the fine residue of oil, hair, skin and soap that makes razor blades feel dull. While you previously scrapped your razorblades after only a few uses, you can use the same blade for up to 150 shaves with Razorpit. Razorpit lets you extend the life of your razor blades, giving you more value for your money and leaving fewer blades in landfills.

Razorpit maintains the sharpness of your razor blades by removing excess oils, skin and other residues left on the edge of the blade after every shave. Friction takes this hard-to-remove dirt off the fine edge, and leaves the edge sharp for your next shave. It's like shaving with a fresh blade everyday.
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Razorpit Razor Blade Sharpener
Reg: $25.00 - Sale: $17.50
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