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The history of Proraso products dates back a long way. In 1908, Ludovico Martelli from Florence, Italy founded a cosmetics company under his own name. Then in 1948, his son Piero joined the company and helped launch the Proraso crema miracolosa to the Italian public. This eucalyptus oil based miracle cream could be used both before shaving to soften and prepare the beard, or after shaving to heal and calm irritation. Millions of vasi (glass jars) have been sold to three generations of satisfied Italian men and although many people know Proraso for their wonderful Shaving creams, Aftershave lotions and balms, it was the Pre & Post Cream that catapulted the company to the immense success they enjoy today.

What has made this line so popular for so long? Martelli remarks, We believe that the coherence of our products helps us, as well as the Quality-Price ratio we offer. A kind of continuity from generation to generation, even if the products themselves have changed very little over the years. We saw them on the bathroom shelves of our grandfather and father, as we now see them in the locker of the husband, son or boyfriend.

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Showing 1 - 15 of 15 Items

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