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Institut Karite Paris

Shea Butter : The Sacred Tree

According to the legend, Queen Nefertiti owed her divine beauty to a marvelous cream used by some African peoples to keep their hair and skin beautiful and youthful. Centuries later, explorers to darkest Africa brought back this rare balm which was known as Shea Butter. Yet it was only very recently that dermocosmetic research demonstrated the exceptional moisturizing, nourishing, protective and restructuring activities of Shea Butter.
Based on this scientific research, Institut Karite Paris has developed a complete range of products containing Shea Butter to take natural care of sensitive or damaged skin. From timeimmemorial, the Shea tree has been a Sacred Tree, generously providing women from the Sahel with seeds to make wonderful skin care products.

Our Concept

Institut Karite Paris has developed a very exclusive and unique Shea Butter-based cosmetic line. The cosmetic features of Shea Butter are rich and exceptional vitamins that provide the skin's essential needs : A and D for skin revitalization E for reoxygenating and F for elasticity.

Institut Karite Paris is unique thanks to :
- An active principle transversal to all the line, simple and natural.
- A high concentration of Shea Butter.
- Perfumes of the best quality.
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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 Items

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